About Bad Dad Designs

The Best In Handmade Baby Gear

Welcome to Bad Dad's webstore!

We specialise in Handmade baby products including Pram Liners, Nappy Bags, Portable Change Mats and Change Mat Covers plus more!!

My name is Allie and I decided to create Bad Dad Designs shortly after the birth of my son Zander!
After endless searching for fun, different baby accessories in Cairns I decided to start making items myself, I've tried to introduce items that I had difficulty finding up here in FNQ and by doing so have stamped my own style and individual flair on my products! With thanks to the support given by my loving partner and my family, my business has taken off with my products now being sent worldwide!

Every item I make is unique, being handmade I can add my own style to items yet still customise to your needs, wants and produce stunning stylish accessories for you and your baby.

Our range is expanding all the time so be sure to visit and like our FB page to keep up to date with our new products!

I am a one woman show: I am the creator and maker of every single one of my products.I am the fabric cutter, the seamstress, the admin chicky, the marketing manager, the mail gal and even the delivery person.

BUt I am also a Mum and, so between family life, working full time & making beautiful products my life can get a bit hectic!

I love it, keeps me on my toes whilst allowing me a fab outlet for my creativity!