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How to choose & fit your Pram Liner!

Our universal fit liners fit ALL prams with a 5 point safety harness. We're so confident in our design that we guarantee fit for your pram. 

Our deluxe padded pram liners are designed with comfort and practicality in mind; with 3 layers of super soft wadding, we have created a safe, breathable liner which will protect your pram and keep your little ones cool and happy.

Follow these simple instructions to fit your Bad Dad Pram Liner.

  • Remove all extra padding, strap covers and infant inserts ( you can put these back in on top of your new liner!)
  • Separate chest straps from waist straps (if clipped together).
  • Find the top of your pram liner and place over the pram.
  • Feed the pram shoulder straps through the top sewn in slots on your new pram liner. Add your included strap covers to individual shoulder straps with the snap studs on the outside of the shoulder.
  • Feed the pram waist straps through the middle sewn slots on your new pram liner. Note: not all prams will use these slots, if the waist straps come from the side section of the seat you can simply bring them around the outside of the liner.
  • Some prams have an additional strap and our liners are designed to accommodate the "fold up" or "pull here" strap. To feed your strap through this section you need to undo the clip, ring or carabiner underneath the seat of the pram at one side and then feed the strap through both sewn in slots on your liner then feed back through to underneath your seat and reconnect clips underneath the pram seat.
  • Feed the bottom strap through the last sewn slot on your liner! You're done!
  • When putting your child in the pram you can hold the top of the liner to prevent bunching. This will ensure your little one has the comfiest, most stylish looking pram around town.

Custom options are available. We may already have the measurements for your pram, but from time to time we will contact customers to check specific measurements.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us @